01 - 03 April, 2019 | London, UK

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Download the ONSITE Process Excellence Europe Spring 2018 agenda!

You need to deliver the same process efficiency as the world’s service beasts to truly match the demands of your consumers and customers, which is no small feat…Delivering a customer-centric operating model and end-to-end process improvement is increasingly important and sooner or later yo ...

Interviews and Case Studies

Leading a Culture of Continuous Improvement at Transport for London

Delivering a customer-centric operating model and building a culture of continuous improvement is the aim in today’s fast-evolving business world. Are your team ready to compete?Download this interview with Simon Williams, TFL’s Head of Business Change Project Management, to find out how he has led his team to a culture...

The Path to Process Excellence is Leadership

Emerging technology trends such as data analytics and RPA, amidst increasing business demands to be faster and more efficient to compete in the ever-evolving marketplace requires a new host of skills from today’s leaders.But what does it take to lead in this new environment? Four experts explain the key leadership...

Digital Transformation at the BBC

We spoke to Adrian Ruth, Director, Spark (Lean Transformation) and Sustainability about how the BBC tackled dramatic changes in their business processes to achieve process excellence.

Want to keep up with the world's service beasts? Get customer obsessed

Consumers frequently measure new experiences with companies with the experiences they have with companies at the top of their game.However, in the midst of familiarising yourselves with the new technologies and channels currently inflating your consumers’ expectations, how can you keep up? How do companies adapt to become completely customer...

Into the minds of the customer at ING

We spoke to Iassen Deenitchin, Head of Global Process Management, about how ING are tackling dramatic changes in their business processes to achieve process excellence.

OPEX Week Europe 2017 - Meet Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor, Director, Body-Brain Performance Institute, is 2017’s international keynote speaker at OPEX Week: Business Transformation Europe Summit, taking place in April 2017. We took a minute call Paul ahead of the event to find out more about him and what he hopes to bring to the summit.

Google: Tackling Demands in one of the World's Most Valued Brands

Delivering a customer-centric operating model and end-to-end process improvement is becoming increasingly important. Sooner or later you and your team will need to be ready to compete.We spoke to Google's Director of Operational Excellence in Global Customer Care about how Google track the customer journey to help them to develop...

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TRAPS AND SURPRISES: What to Expect When Implementing a Business Process Management System

#PEXSpring sponsors, WEBCON, bring you a whitepaper on BPMMore often than not, the first implementation of a Business Process Management (BPM) system is usually a journey into the unknown. The venture’s success greatly depends on developing an appropriate approach to the implementation and planning the whole process in a way...

Low-code and the rapid transformation of your business and it’s processes

Low-code is an evolution, rather than a revolution of software development. It would be unfeasible for a business to build an operating system from scratch, so why are so many of our critical business applications relying on manual design and development? In this whitepaper we outline in detail what Low-code...

Targeting Value in a Digital World

We've teamed up with #PEXSpring sponsor, BPM-D, on their whitepaper 'Targeting Value in a Digital World'

Event Focused Content

PEX European Strategy Report 2017

Over 200 Process Excellence professionals took part in the 2017 PEX Network European Process Excellence Strategy survey. The report will give you an insight into the strategic trends for European process and operational excellence professionals.Europe is the home to some of the most successful companies in the world. In order...

Operational Excellence Leaders Europe Summit 2018 Show Report

Permalink Edit DeleteOperational Excellence Leaders Europe Summit 2018Powered by the PEX Network, all the speakers, attendees, and sponsors at PEX Europe Spring over three days made plans on how to strategize, execute and deliver operational excellence, improvement change to their organisation.With talking points centred around the theme of operational excellence, architecture and...

Operational Excellence in Europe Future Perspectives

“Europe has long tradition of operational excellence where the efforts result in an ongoing improvement in the organisation from operational efficiency perspective. This has worked particularly well continually improving the current activities in the workplace itself, but where Europe has still a long way to go, for example compared to...

PEX Network's Annual Report

The report Emergence: The Future of Operational Excellence examines how the business landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade and what business process will look like in the decade ahead.What will the future hold? And more importantly, what will the impact of these big changes be on your approach...

Sample Attendee List

Download the sample attendee list for #PEXSpring to see who you'll be networking with in April in London!