16 - 18 April, 2018 | Hurlingham Club

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Download the FULL Process Excellence Europe Spring 2018 agenda!

You need to deliver the same process efficiency as the world’s service beasts to truly match the

demands of your consumers and customers, which is no small feat…

Delivering a customer-centric operating model and end-to-end process improvement is

increasingly important and sooner or later you and your team will need to be ready to compete.

On your marks: Embed an innovative culture into the heart of your operations

Get set: Build a process architecture and operating model that will drive towards industry


Go: Align people and digitalisation within your transformation to achieve true process excellence

Over the last two years PEX Europe has grown rapidly with conference attendee numbers doubling year on year. You may have heard of the success of our sister event in Amsterdam, and now we’re bringing the party to London.

For the first steps in competing with the best join us at Process Excellence Europe Spring. Download the agenda so you can choose which sessions you want to attend…it’s first come first served! Let the queue commence!



PEX Europe Spring has teamed up with Future Strategies!

Your complimentary copy of Digital Transformation with BPM (13mb unzipped PDF) is waiting for you.


Digital Transformation at the BBC

We spoke to Adrian Ruth, Director, Spark (Lean Transformation) and Sustainability about how the BBC tackled dramatic changes in their business processes to achieve process excellence.


PEX European Strategy Report 2017

Over 200 Process Excellence professionals took part in the 2017 PEX Network European Process Excellence Strategy survey. The report will give you an insight into the strategic trends for European process and operational excellence professionals.

Europe is the home to some of the most successful companies in the world. In order to remain competitive and relevant, companies need to align their process improvement with senior level business strategy. 

Aiming to help you navigate and conquer your Process Excellence Strategy this report gives you an exclusive insight into how to implement process tools effectively in your organisation. 

We will highlight the key trends revealed in the survey as well as provide analysis on some of the key findings. Download the report for free now.

Exclusive Content

Operational Excellence in Europe Future Perspectives

“Europe has long tradition of operational excellence where the efforts result in an ongoing improvement in the organisation from operational efficiency perspective. This has worked particularly well continually improving the current activities in the workplace itself, but where Europe has still a long way to go, for example compared to United States, is understanding customer needs better and ways to respond to those in an agile and innovative way.” - Dr. Janne Ohtonen, Head of Customer Experience and Engagement at Avios, and key speaker at OPEX Week Europe.

Ahead of OPEX Week: Business Transformation Europe Summit 2017, the PEX Network take a closer look at how operational excellence professionals are taking centre stage. Aligning excellence to strategic objectives for bottom line results and bridging the gap between strategy and execution.

In this report, we reveal:

  • 9 key challenges for process excellence practitioners in the European market
  • Process insights - the European perspective
  • The path to customer centric operational excellence
  • How to think like a founder – from process excellence to Lean Innovation
  • 17 executive tips for supporting business strategy from an OPEX Perspective in 2017
  • What process excellence will look like in 2025

Download the full report to find out more.

PEX Network's Annual Report

The report Emergence: The Future of Operational Excellence examines how the business landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade and what business process will look like in the decade ahead.

What will the future hold? And more importantly, what will the impact of these big changes be on your approach to Operational Excellence?

Find out how leading practitioners and businesses are positioning themselves for success in PEX Network’s exclusive report. Download your copy of the Annual report now:

OPEX Week:Business Transformation Europe Summit 2017 Show Report

OPEX Week:Business Transformation Europe Summit 2017 Show Report

Powered by the PEX Network, all the speakers, attendees, and sponsors at the OPEX Week Europe over three days made plans on how to strategize, execute and deliver operational excellence, improvement change to their organisation. 

With talking points centred around the theme of operational excellence, architecture and technology innovation organisations from across Europe and across industries shared and learned from some of the most unique,thought-provoking and exciting projects in Europe.

Download the Show Report to see the key themes and learning that came from OPEX Week Europe 2017 and what to look forward to in 2018.

Google: Tackling Demands in one of the World's Most Valued Brands

Delivering a customer-centric operating model and end-to-end process improvement is becoming increasingly important. Sooner or later you and your team will need to be ready to compete.

We spoke to Google's Director of Operational Excellence in Global Customer Care about how Google track the customer journey to help them to develop their services for customers to remain competitive in this disruptive age.

White Papers

Into the minds of the customer at ING

We spoke to Iassen Deenitchin, Head of Global Process Management, about how ING are tackling dramatic changes in their business processes to achieve process excellence.