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Download the FULL Process Excellence Europe Spring 2018 agenda!

You need to deliver the same process efficiency as the world’s service beasts to truly match the

demands of your consumers and customers, which is no small feat…

Delivering a customer-centric operating model and end-to-end process improvement is

increasingly important and sooner or later you and your team will need to be ready to compete.

On your marks: Embed an innovative culture into the heart of your operations

Get set: Build a process architecture and operating model that will drive towards industry


Go: Align people and digitalisation within your transformation to achieve true process excellence

Over the last two years PEX Europe has grown rapidly with conference attendee numbers doubling year on year. You may have heard of the success of our sister event in Amsterdam, and now we’re bringing the party to London.

For the first steps in competing with the best join us at Process Excellence Europe Spring. Download the agenda so you can choose which sessions you want to attend…it’s first come first served! Let the queue commence!


10-Steps to Successful Enterprise-wide Business Transformation

OpEx and Process Transformation trailblazers from Coca-Cola, Euroports, Air France and EON uncover their top tips for improving business performance in 2016 and beyond.

Read on for a handy “how to” guide to transforming the way your business operates to become more innovative, lean and customer-centric than ever.


Report: From PEX to OpEx: The Next Generation

In the months leading up to the Operational Excellence and Process Transformation Week meeting, the PEX Network team analysed the results of the State of the Industry survey conducted in the summer of 2015. 870 industry respondents across the globe took part in this and gave insights and trends on the current state of their Operational Excellence programmes.

This report focuses on the European respondents and the information supplied by businesses located across Europe.

Report: The new world of Operational Excellence

This PEX Network report discusses the key OPEX challenges in Europe and beyond, to optimise overall business performance. 

Including exclusive interviews with Forrester Research, General Manager of Process Excellence, Maersk Line, Global Head of Business Transformation, Clifford Chance LLP and Head of Operational Excellence, Oxford Instruments


Building a sustainable and powerful continuous improvement culture

Highest rated presentation of PEX Week USA. Eric Pope, Vice President Operations, US Synthetic presents ‘Building a sustainable and powerful continuous improvement culture’ presentation. Receiving a 4.75/5 rating from the 600 strong audience.

OPEX Week Europe 2017 - Meet Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor, Director, Body-Brain Performance Institute, is 2017’s international keynote speaker at OPEX Week: Business Transformation Europe Summit, taking place in April 2017. We took a minute call Paul ahead of the event to find out more about him and what he hopes to bring to the summit.

Exclusive Content

Sponsorship and Investment Opportunities Pack: Process Excellence Week Europe

Operational Excellence Week Europe is attended by senior decision-makers from the global marketplace, bringing together buyers and suppliers in one location. Focused and high-level, this event is the ideal platform to initiate new business relationships from across the process improvement, management and innovation spectrum.
For more details contact the Process Excellence Network business development team on 44 (0) 207 368 9500 or sponsorship@iqpc.co.uk

With tailored networking, sponsors can achieve the face-to-face contact that overcrowded trade shows simply cannot deliver. Exhibition and Sponsorship options are extensive, and packages can be specially made to suit your company's distinct commercial requirements. From branding, thought leadership, lunches, exclusive dinners and high-level sponsorship, the range of available opportunities is extensive.

Leveraging Real-Time Data Insight An Interview with Jaco Koen, Associate Director – Envigo

Ahead of the OPEX Week: Business Transformation Europe Summit, taking place in April 2017, key speaker Jaco Koen, Associate Director, Business Process Excellence, Europe at Envigo speaks to Andrea Charles, Senior Editor, PEX Network, about leveraging real-time data for increased customer-centricity. In this exclusive interview Koen shares his insights on the vast amounts of real-time data being generated and how to choose your metrics for success.

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Get approval to attend faster with our Convince the boss letter

So you want to come to OPEX Week Europe‬ but your boss isn't completely convinced? We're here to help! Download our easy to edit "Convince Your Boss" letter - make the business case by communicating the value to attending.


Stop Ignoring the Customer - Operational Excellence Outside-In vs. Inside-Out

How many redundant processes do you think your organization has from a customer perspective?

Dr Janne Ohtonen has delivered numerous challenging change programs, many double-digit performance enhancement. He believes that the most dramatic changes to an organization's effectiveness and performance come through an alignment of customer experience to business processes, enterprise architecture and innovation. This requires both leadership and commitment. Dr Ohtonen shares his insights in this exclusive PEX Network article, ahead of the OPEX Week: Business Transformation Europe Summit. 


Case Study: Process excellence in claims handling boosts efficiency by 40%

This case study provides an overview of how Flovate supported a boost in efficiency of 40% for their client, a leading provider of services to motor claims community.

The Value-Switch for Digitalization Initiatives: Business Process Management

The discipline of Business Process Management (BPM) has arisen as a potential answer to the challenge of digitalization. The question then becomes whether or not organizations utilizing BPM practices have been able to find success in digitalization. BPM-D sought to answer this question through a comprehensive survey in partnership with Widener University and the Universidad de Chile to assess if there is any correlation between an organization’s process management maturity and ability to create value through digitalization. Key findings from the survey are presented along with a summary of best practices as evidenced by survey respondents.

2017 Attendee List

See who attended PEX Europe Spring 2017...

Powered by the PEX Network, all speakers, attendees, and sponsors at the OPEX Week Europe (now PEX Europe Spring) over three days made plans on how to strategize, execute and deliver operational excellence, improvement change to their organisation. 

With talking points centred around the theme of operational excellence, architecture and technology innovation organisations from across Europe and across industries shared and learned from some of the most unique,thought-provoking and exciting projects in Europe, 2018 is a conference not to be missed!

OPEX Week Winter Offer

OPEX Week is a week-long celebration of the most innovative and forward thinking OPEX and process transformation projects in Europe.

Register your OPEX place now and take advantage of our exclusive winter discount and ensure your company can simplify your operations and become more customer-focused in 2016!

The Current State Of Artificial Intelligence

We spoke to Michael Natusch, Global Head of Artificial Intelligence at Prudential plc, about the current state of AI, it's relationship with RPA, and the main advantages it's going to bring to organisations. Read on to discover his answers.

INVESTOGRAPHIC –Process Excellence in the European Market

Ahead of the 18th annual OPEX Week: Business Transformation Europe Summit 2017, the PEX Network took a snapshot of where key influencers in the European process excellence market are planning on investing in the next 12 – 18 months. Download the infographic to see the forecast of their planned investment activities and the key challenges they face in 2017 and beyond.


PEX Europe Spring has teamed up with Future Strategies!

Your complimentary copy of Digital Transformation with BPM (13mb unzipped PDF) is waiting for you.


Understanding the complexity – a handle on processes

Technological developments increase the efficiency of business processes and increases productivity. This raises the strategic pressure on business to enhance their level of automation. Only by improving operational performance and by optimising the use of resources can you increase productivity; a goal that container terminal specialists Navis have achieved with the help of iGrafx.

Transforming UK Banking Business Architecture: A Suggested Approach

How to manage the implementation of the UK Banking Reform Act through business architecture transformation

iGrafx puts DENSO processes on track

Quality management according to ISO 9001: Automotive supplier guides European business processes with Process Central

iGrafx Cycle of Improvement

Detailed real-time data directly from the workflow system and reliable simulations for even greater agility.


Exclusive Interview with Oliver Rees, co- founder Hook

Oliver Rees, one of the youngest developer and co-founder of Hook shares his views on how demystifying technological concepts to redefine business models will encourage innovation and allow you to benefit from the expanding digital sphere.

Exclusive Content

Global Operational Excellence_Uber

Uber is the largest and fastest growing start-up on Earth, worth $68 billion and now live in 66 countries and 507 cities worldwide. 

In this interview the PEX Network's Senior Conference Director, Joel De Figueiredo, speaks with Matt Atkin, Senior Operations Manager at Uber about how Uber's innovative, collaborative culture and operating models, as well as the use of technology and process resource optimisation promote productivity and best-practice around the World.

Download the full interview to gain insights, inspiration and find out how Matt has driven Uber to success and takeway actionable learnings to enhance your business processes and maximise profit.

Exclusive Interview- Erika Toth_Thomas Cook Group

The Path to Customer Centric Operational Excellence

Is it possible to reach excellence without being customer centric? – what’s the point? 

Is it possible to be customer centric without thriving for excellence in our operation? How would you sustain that at all? 

Erika Toth, Group Head of Business and Continuous Improvement, Thomas Cook Group and key speaker at OPEX Week Europe, has spent the last 18 years  in different industries helping companies achieve better business outcomes. In this exclusive PEX Network article, she shares her vast experience and insights on the benefits of  taking  a holistic approach to operational excellence, and how customer experience and process teams can work together in a more meaningful way.

Download the full interview to find out more. 

Operational Excellence in Europe Future Perspectives

“Europe has long tradition of operational excellence where the efforts result in an ongoing improvement in the organisation from operational efficiency perspective. This has worked particularly well continually improving the current activities in the workplace itself, but where Europe has still a long way to go, for example compared to United States, is understanding customer needs better and ways to respond to those in an agile and innovative way.” - Dr. Janne Ohtonen, Head of Customer Experience and Engagement at Avios, and key speaker at OPEX Week Europe.

Ahead of OPEX Week: Business Transformation Europe Summit 2017, the PEX Network take a closer look at how operational excellence professionals are taking centre stage. Aligning excellence to strategic objectives for bottom line results and bridging the gap between strategy and execution.

In this report, we reveal:

  • 9 key challenges for process excellence practitioners in the European market
  • Process insights - the European perspective
  • The path to customer centric operational excellence
  • How to think like a founder – from process excellence to Lean Innovation
  • 17 executive tips for supporting business strategy from an OPEX Perspective in 2017
  • What process excellence will look like in 2025

Download the full report to find out more.

PEX Network's Annual Report

The report Emergence: The Future of Operational Excellence examines how the business landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade and what business process will look like in the decade ahead.

What will the future hold? And more importantly, what will the impact of these big changes be on your approach to Operational Excellence?

Find out how leading practitioners and businesses are positioning themselves for success in PEX Network’s exclusive report. Download your copy of the Annual report now:

OPEX Week:Business Transformation Europe Summit 2017 Show Report

OPEX Week:Business Transformation Europe Summit 2017 Show Report

Powered by the PEX Network, all the speakers, attendees, and sponsors at the OPEX Week Europe over three days made plans on how to strategize, execute and deliver operational excellence, improvement change to their organisation. 

With talking points centred around the theme of operational excellence, architecture and technology innovation organisations from across Europe and across industries shared and learned from some of the most unique,thought-provoking and exciting projects in Europe.

Download the Show Report to see the key themes and learning that came from OPEX Week Europe 2017 and what to look forward to in 2018.


Case Study: Poultry Insights and building analytics capability

As part of their new business strategy, Elanco Animal Health wanted to extend their customer offer.

In addition to providing a range of products to enhance poultry health they also wanted to provide advice to help their customers run their poultry farms more effectively.

Elanco vets visit individual farms every month and examine a random sample of birds looking for early warning signs of any potential health problems to ensure flocks are in the best possible health.

Elanco Animal Health had collected a lot of historic data on poultry health over many years from farms around the world.

The City of Ballarat Project_Paul Taylor

PEX Network Featured Case Study Transforming Culture –The City of Ballarat Project

The City of Ballarat is a Local Government Authority (LGA) delivering a wide range of services over 100,000 residents of the city of Ballarat and its surrounds. The organisation employs over 800 staff with approximately 1/3rd being part-time. After conducting culture studies with Human Synergistics OCI survey tool to measure the perceived culture, results seemed to correlate with the often ‘strained’ communication occurring between the executive and manager groups and apparent lack of clarity in regard to roles and responsibilities. CEO, Anthony Schinck, and Head of HR, Garry Davis took action and saw this as a timely opportunity to create a fundamental shift in the culture.

Download the article to read the full case study.

Three Truths of Business Transformation

Business transformation is not a new phenomenon, but in today's fast-moving world, expectations are raised annually, technology moves at breakneck speed and the result is more than ever, businesses need to be able to transform to survive.

This white paper examines the three key elements of business transformation in order to help you successfully navigate and stay the course of reinvention.

Business Architecture: Creating an Enterprise Service View

Business Architecture: Creating an Enterprise Service View

In this PEX Network interview Paul Snead, Business Architect, ING and key speaker at OPEX Week: Business Transformation Europe Summit 2017, shares his insights on how business architecture is creating an "enterprise service view" and bridging the gap between strategy and operational excellence. Snead also reveals what makes a successful business architecture team.

Download Paul Snead's full interview to find out more.

White Papers

PEX Europe 2015 Conference Report

Thank you for joining us at PEX Week Europe 2015. PEX Network have collaborated with PA Consulting to produce this years post show report. 

Download now and refresh your memory on the key messages and takeaways from the conference.


OPEX Week: Business Transformation Europe Summit 2017 Business Development Pack

Download our Business Development brochure to meet, network and develop new business opportunities with leading European companies that are looking for innovative solutions to transform their business processes and address their Operational Excellence challenges! Download our business development pack to see what industries will be represented and where they are looking to invest in 2017.

Join us at OPEX Week: Business Transformation Europe Summit in London on 25-27 April, 2017.


Infographic:Process Excellence League Tables - Regional and Industry Hotspots

How long has your organisation been doing Process Excellence?
Download this infographic to find out what matters to process practitioners different in Europe versus North America and more!

Transforming your Customer Experience: The Psychology that Drives Differentiation – In association with Sentis

This white paper explores how to create systems and processes that efficiently and effectively serve the customer, as well as identifying the human factors that drive the highest quality customer experiences.

Learn how to apply these principals to your company to improve your customers experience

Management Insight for Effective Organisational Change

This article compilation, of a series of columns authored by Dr. Robert Swaim published on PEXNetwork.com, explores the enduring truths on managing change in the works of management consultant Dr. Peter F. Drucker – who has been hailed as one of the greatest management thinkers of the last hundred years. It examines the reasons driving change in enterprise, common ways that change efforts fail, and explores a simple formula to help you better manage the “change equation”.

Quality & Continuous Improvement in an Age of Transformation

Download this PEX Network whitepaper - a transcript of a roundtable discussion between Vince Pierce, Senior VP of Global Business Transformation at Office Depot, Estelle Clark, Business Assurance Director at Lloyd’s Register and Gregory North, VP at Xerox Corporate Lean Six Sigma as they discuss where they see quality and continuous improvement heading in today’s era of transformative change.

Future of Process Excellence: 3 Trends Redefining Processes in a Digital Age

Find out what over 900 process professionals had to say about key challenges and future priorities

Traditional methods to process excellence remain relevant to confront the challenges of the twenty-first century. But with the rise of IT and the increasing competitive and market pressures upon businesses, how does process excellence need to adapt?

The Resurgence in Case Management - In association with BancTec

This whitepaper explores the importance of work-sharing and how recently it has required a more effective approach to managing information between stakeholders


Kraft Foods: Making process transformation part of the company’s DNA

Process excellence begins with the "hearts and minds" of people rather than the process, says Rajan Nagarajan, Vice President of Strategic Business Process Transformation at Kraft foods. In this PEX Network video interview, recorded during PEX Week Europe, editor Diana Davis hears how Kraft foods engages its people in process transformation and finds out why Nagarajan believes there no such thing as resistance to change.


TRANSCRIPT: Teaching elephants to dance: Interview with BMW's Hanne Dinkel

Technological disruption, global competition, changing customer demands - whatever your industry it’s likely that your company is being buffeted by these forces of change. But, especially if you’re a large organization, it can be incredibly difficult to adapt quickly to them. So is it possible to teach an elephant to dance?

Yes it is, says Hanne Dinkel, Vice President of Operations at BMW’s Leipzig plant in this Process Perspectives interview.  Here's how BMW has been using Lean and beyond to adapt to the sheer velocity of change today.


Wanted: Leadership skills for Business Transformation

All too often process leaders are taught the tools and techniques of process improvement but not the leadership skills they need to lead business change. So just what are the leadership skills and attributes process professionals need to do their job effectively? In this Process Perspectives podcast, Hazel Cannon, leader of the UK-based not for profit Deming Forum (an organisation which provides information and development opportunities on W. Edward Deming’s methods), discusses the importance of treating leadership as a skill or capability to be developed, the specific capabilities required to lead effective change.


Trends and Success Factors in Business Process Excellence 2014

Every two years, PEX Network undertakes a State of the Industry research project to better understand general trends in how companies are approaching operational excellence. What tools and methodologies are they using? What is the outlook for budgets and resources? What are the general trends practitioners are experiencing? This report is based on both quantitative and qualitative data: a survey of of 814 process professionals and a C-level survey of 60 executives followed by telephone interviews with selected participants.

Trends and Success factors in Business Process Excellence 2012

Process improvement programs are most likely to fail if the key focus is on cutting costs, according to a global PEX Network benchmarking survey. The October 2011 PEX Network survey, in which over 650 process improvement practitioners participated, found that a customer-focused approach to identifying and improving operational processes is what sets a company up for long term success.

Download this whitepaper for the results of PEX Network's global benchmarking survey:

  • Find out what’s changed since earlier benchmarking studies conducted in 2005 and 2009
  • Understand the impact of global economic uncertainty on process improvement programs
  • Compare your process improvement approaches, toolsets, and investment areas against your peers
  • Identify the critical factors that make some programs more successful than other

Improving Six Sigma Program ROI with Deployment Management

The Six Sigma methodology theorizes that to generate consistent results, a control plan is necessary for each critical activity. Unfortunately, many practitioners get so caught up in the execution of individual projects that they forget to "eat their own cooking."

By institutionalizing robust deployment processes, leading organizations can capture their share of this billion dollar opportunity. Read more...

Six Sigma Success in Financial Services

A leading Canadian online financial services organization formally introduced Six Sigma less than a year ago after deciding to standardize on a repeatable process improvement methodology.

Originating in the retail and e-banking areas, Six Sigma success has stoked interest in the securities division and several other subsidiaries.

Regional Data: Business Process Excellence in Europe

This paper compiles Europe-specific data based on PEX Network's global benchmarking survey and related report, Trends and Success Factors in Business Process Excellence 2012. There were 676 respondents to the original survey, with 161 respondents from Europe. The report compares the Europe data with that of the averages from across all regions.

Download this sector data report to:

  • Gain insight into the maturity levels, operational set up, and frameworks/methodologies used specifically within European process improvement programmes
  • Find out the key investment areas and priorities for business process excellence in Europe
  • Benchmark Europe-specific data against the global data

Regional Data: Customer centricity in Europe

In October 2012, PEX Network launched a global benchmarking survey looking at how companies how companies are listening to and translating customer feedback to drive process improvement activities. This report compiles data from all respondents in Europe in comparison with data from the rest of the world (data excluding Europe). Download this report to find out how European companies are gathering and understand Voice of the Customer and key stumbling blocks.

Key findings:

  • European respondents were more likely to rate their ability to collect and understand Voice of the Customer and translate that feedback into action as ineffective (31% of European respondents versus 27% respondents from the rest of the world).
  • Correspondingly, European respondents were also less likely to rate their ability to collect and understand Voice of the Customer and translate that feedback into action as effective (19% of European respondents versus 21% respondents from the rest of the world.
  • Data not being shared effectively between internal teams (56% of European respondents) and difficulty linking customer feedback to specific processes for improvement (52% of European respondents) were cited as the top barriers to effective use of Voice of the Customer data within European organizations.
  • Customer complaints have a greater influence within European companies on how process improvement projects get selected and prioritized (40% of European respondents versus 36% from the Rest of the World indicated complaints made the biggest impact on process improvement projects).

Special Report: Process in the Age of Transformation

PEX Network research has identified the ability to change - both often and quickly - is fast becoming a core competence for businesses. But anecdotal evidence suggests that as companies deal with increasing complexity - the myriad of new regulations, fast-evolving customer expectations, new technologies, ever increasing complexity in global supply chains - this change is getting ever more difficult to deliver. Yet, it’s fast becoming an imperative to learn how to change more effectively.

Process excellence has traditionally focused on helping organizations improve quality and efficiency of products and services. But, can it also help accelerate change and support business change and transformation initiatives?

This report uses the data and builds on some of the ideas and concepts explored in PEX Network report The Future of Process Excellence, which made the case for faster, and more agile processes. It explores the drivers for process change in Europe and North America as well as compares how those drivers are affecting key industries - Manufacturing, Financial Services & Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, and Logistics & Transportation - in different way.