01 - 03 April, 2019 | London, UK

Dr Anna Meifort-Seeringer

Head of Process and Efficiency Management

2:00 PM Case study: RPA implementation: business benefits and lessons learnt

Danske Finance began its RPA rollout in 2018 and now has several bots in production. What were the lessons learnt, the challenges along the journey and the key messages for other OPEX leaders from their hard-won experiences? 
  • Business function that have seen the most improvement from the RPA rollout and what were the factors in that success
  • Scaling up RPA use across the business: new processes, structures and governance required to manage this change 
  • What we have learned from our mistakes so far in the RPA journey 
  • What were the measurable business benefits from the RPA rollout? How did we measure our success from an OPEX perspective? 

2:35 PM Case study: Bringing colleagues with you on the RPA journey

Anna will share her approach to managing the challenges involved in gaining cooperation from colleagues affected by robotic process automation within the service and back office areas of Vodafone. Key topics include: 
  • Gaining cooperation from colleagues whose jobs will be automated
  • Finding people with the necessary combination of IT and operational skills to be responsible for the automated processes 
  • Lessons learnt on avoiding problems after the roll-out of robots within a business area 
  • Gaining on-going support for RPA from IT, in competition with more attractive IT projects around the business 
  • A review of the business benefits so far realised from the RPA programme 

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Anna.

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