01 - 03 April, 2019 | London, UK

Michaela Bessell

Head of Digital Transformation Office

2:00 PM Case study Henkel X: cultural transformation embracing open innovation

In 2017, Henkel began a major transformation toward a new business model to underpin the future growth of the €20bn business. Michaela will share her approach to designing and driving a successful programme, including the following key elements:    
  • Outcomes of our extensive benchmarking study to find the right model for our digital transformation 
  • Our approach to bringing colleagues on our digital journey and promoting more agile ways of working 
  • The role of key digital tools such as smart labels, blockchain and analytics, in supporting our business goals 
  • How the programme has performed in the first year and key lessons learnt

2:35 PM Panel: Getting PEX and IT to work together to deliver the agile organisation of the future

Issues up for discussion and debate include:
  • How are teams structured in terms of IT and process excellence at different organisations and what is the effect? 
  • What is the delineation between OPEX and IT when it comes to digitally-oriented operational improvements? 
  • Avoiding infighting between the two functions
  • How are IT and OPEX learning from each other’s change methodologies and to what extent are companies combining them? 

3:10 PM Purpose powered performance: moving beyond Lean and Agile to complete the productivity puzzle

How is this new era of operational excellence going to drive change? While the implementation of Lean and Agile strategies has brought massive improvements in performance, star performers are still searching for more.
Naveed will share his ‘purpose orientation’ approach to driving productivity, illustrating why giving employees a purpose helps companies further innovate and achieve excellence. He will describe how he managed to transform an organisation to a forecasted profit of 25% in less than a year by addressing the root cause of intrinsic motivation. 
You will walk away with a new understanding of:  
  • The future of productivity beyond Lean, Agile and Kanban
  • The patterns of optimisation in the last three revolutions
  • How to harness people’s intrinsic motivation for ultimate workplace performance 

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Michaela.

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