01 - 03 April, 2019 | London, UK

Pendar Shahbazi

Head of Business Enhancement Team
Kia Motors

9:00 AM The complete picture: how to improve CX and reduce costs with digital innovation

When we talk about binding RPA, AI and process mining technologies into the whole value chain, what are the ripple effects being seen in major organisations that are at a mature stage of deployment? 

We will look at real world examples to piece together a view of the digital landscape in the major industries across Europe and aim to identify the tangible business benefits coming out of the digital space, including a featured case study from the Automotive industry: 

Case study 
Cost innovation through process mining. A sustainable approach for smoother and cheaper process excellence!
Pendar Shahbazi, Head, Business Enhancement Team, Kia 

2:10 PM Case study: Taking a data-driven approach to process improvement: the next step in strategic operational excellence

Pendar will be sharing Kia’s approach to leveraging process data for the dual purposes of identifying where improvements are needed, and for reporting to the C-level to help inform decision making and improve transparency around operational performance. 
You will learn a fresh approach to: 
  • Using ‘smart KPIs’ to show if a process is performing in alignment with business goals 
  • Identifying ways of linking internal data to strategic KPIs to pick up on potential problems and inform the future operational strategy 
  • Connecting the operational and decision making teams to create a common understanding and awareness of operational performance data and how it can be leveraged by the business

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Pendar.

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