Lean Six Sigma Community

Lean Six Sigma Community

Lean Six Sigma Community offers the opportunity for anyone who wants to write, tell and create content, to become part of the Lean Six Sigma University project. Put on your passion, your talent and your time to spread awareness and bring out as much as possible the need for continuous improvement, the correct leadership, the need to use tried and tested tools for over 20 years.

We are social: Professional Social network specific for Lean Six Sigma topics, here you can share with as your think, write a post, create your group, increase your presence on the web;

We are e-teachers: A powerful e-learning platform where you can follow training and learn all about Lean Six Sigma methodologies;

We are a market: The professional members of the community can promote and sell their products and services (training, presentations, etc).

Contact Info:

Website: https://www.opexweekeurope.com/www.leansixsigma.community