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Minitab is the leading provider of powerful and easy-to-use quality improvement software. For more than 40 years, organisations in more than 100 countries have transformed their businesses by using Minitab products and services. Minitab® Statistical Software helps professionals find and solve business problems, and has been used in virtually every major Six Sigma initiative around the world. Quality Trainer by Minitab®, an online course, teaches you how to analyse data by using hands-on animated lessons that bring statistical concepts to life! Companion by Minitab® helps you manage all your continuous improvement, lean and innovation projects within one application, a customisable set of tools, which will make your work more effective, facilitating instant executive reporting, knowledge management and compliance. Minitab is at the forefront of helping businesses around the world to continually improve products and services and to achieve a company-wide culture around quality and innovation.

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